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School violence is running rampant through the American school system.  Unless it is a major attack, school violence gets brief reporting in today's national newspapers.  One has to be aware how quickly a school attack can happen, and know where to look for the information.  I hope that my research of school violence will aid you in your own way, whether it be research, curiosity or something else.  

School violence is by no means limited to the United States.  I found one site that lists the acts of school violence from all of the schools in Sweden.  The list goes back to 1994 and is in Swedish.  The entries are not as descriptive as mine are, but you can see (if you read Swedish) that the US is not alone in the battle to stop school violence.  You can visit the site by clicking here.

Quite a few people have asked me where I obtained my information, and for the most part it came from the Dallas Morning News and "Babyface Killers" by Clifford Linedecker.  However, starting with occurrences in 2003 (and information I find pertaining to older entries), I'm going to add the source from which I obtained my information.  I'm not going to provide links to the web pages, because newspapers and TV stations web sites move their stories around after a while and the link is broken.  I'm offering you a starting point if you want to further research a particular act of violence at school.

If you can find a copy of the Good Housekeeping, November 1998, Vol. 227 Issue 5, turn to page118 and read "Look Back in Sorrow."  It's a good article on what the Survivors of a school shooting go through.

The End of the List... For Now

Previously in this space (see paragraphs below) I announced that I would no longer update my massive world-wide list of acts of school violence after the 2006-2007 school year.  It is now October 23, 2007 as I type this and I have enjoyed the nearly three month reprieve that I have had so far.  However, after several encouraging emails I am going to try (and I stress the word try) to continue the list starting the next school year, 2008-2009.  This depends on several things, the main one being on how well this year goes and how much research I get done between now and August 2008.  I have over 75 acts of school violence that are not on my list that I know about that I would like to add to the list.  The amount of information I have on these acts of school violence is very limited and I hope to be able to obtain more information about them during this time off.  If that is successful, and I'm not overly depressed about the numbers increasing, I'll start the list in again in August 2008.  That is my plan right now.  Hopefully I will be able to stick to my plan and execute to help you, my visitors, see just how often school really happens to our students and teachers.

The Webmaster

Iíve been thinking about this on and off for nearly a year now and have finally made the difficult decision to go through with it. At the end of this school year, Tuesday, July 31, 2007, I will no longer seek out new acts of school violence to add to my massive list. Iím not taking the list down or anything like that, there just wonít be any new entries after Tuesday, July 31, 2007. I will review some of my older entries and research them as well as make changes to entries that I currently have when an update is made aware to me.

After maintaining my web site for seven years, I feel it is time for a change. The maintaining of the list takes up quite a bit of my free time and, truthfully, is depressing to see the numbers increase every weekend when I work on the site. I know my list has helped hundreds of people and is unique to the web in size, but I canít keep up this ever increasing depressing list all my life. School violence is always increasing, as my numbers show, and the constant bad news is now outweighing the good feelings I continue to receive.

Designing, building and maintaining my little corner of the World Wide Web has been an incredible experience for me and I truly do appreciate all the help I have received over the years. Several Survivors have contacted me and provided me with correct information about various acts of school violence. Also, several high school and college students have contacted me requesting my permission to use my site in their papers. School resource officers, police officers, authors, college professors, a producer for the movie The Chumscrubber and a couple of TV news magazine show producers have contacted me as well. Iíve been surprised by all the people who have found my web site. Who knows, this announcement may introduce me to even more people who want to find an end to school violence.

Take care, and Iíll see you around the web, Webmaster

The Shooting Game and Other Books (Update 3-3-07)

Book by Joseph Lieberman about the Thurston High School Shootings by Kip Kinkel 

In June 2005, I added The Shooting Game page.  It gives you an opportunity to order Joseph Lieberman's book as he delves into the Thurston High School shootings by Kip Kinkel.  He also references some of the acts of school violence I have listed here on my site.

In July 2006 and March 2007, I added other books to this page that I have read, endorse and believe will help my visitors better understand school violence.

A message from James Moore about my site. (Used with permission) (Last updated 4-29-07)

Current Totals

Total Occurrences 1650
Occurrences inside the United States 1278
Occurrences outside the United States 372
Percentage of occurrences inside the United States 71.00%
Percentage of occurrences outside the United States 29.00%
Students and Teachers Killed - World Wide 1,785
Students and Teachers Wounded - World Wide 4,333

To report a threat of school violence before the instigator has a chance to act on his/her intentions, please contact Speak Up at 1-866-SPEAKUP (that is 1-866-773-2587)

Violence in Our Schools 1927 through December 31, 1979 (Updated 11-3-07)

Violence in Our Schools January 1, 1980 through December 31, 1999 (Updated 11-3-07)

Violence in Our Schools January 1, 2000 through December 31, 2004 (Updated 11-3-07)

Violence in Our Schools January 1, 2005 through July 31, 2007 (Updated 11-13-07)

The "Violence in Our Schools" pages comprise the most comprehensive list of school violence on the Internet.  I've been able to find 1,650 acts of violence at our schools.  (As always, there are exceptions to every rule, and a handful [around 35] actually happened off campus, but are still reported here.)  The gun has by far killed more students at our schools than any other weapon used, but the others are just as deadly.  Some kids were blown up with dynamite and/or bombs, others stabbed and bludgeoned to death with knives, a couple were hanged, and fire has consumed many students in a couple of acts of terror at our schools.  Also included in this list are hostage situations and on campus suicides. This list is not limited to the United States, although we do make up 71% of the list.  Schools in Canada, Europe, Asia and Africa are here as well.  Just after the 5-year anniversary of the Columbine massacre, I split the single page list into three pages: those before 1980, those between 1980 and 2000 and those after 2000.  I may come back later and break them up again if the third page gets as large as the original list was.

Well, it happened, the third page got as large as the original list was so I cut it in half, to record acts of school violence from 2000 to 2004 and then added a fourth page for 2005 to 2007.

Charting School Violence (Updated 11-13-07)

The "Charting School Violence" page takes the descriptive information from the "Violence in Our Schools" pages and puts it into easy to read charts that show exactly how often, and how deadly, school violence is.  You'll learn  how many occurrences there are per year, month and day.  Other information includes the age and sex of the instigator, type of school (grades serviced at the school) and how many occurrences have happened in each state and country.  The charts are rather shocking.

Date Stats (Updated 11-13-07)

This page deals specifically with dates.  The page starts off with tables that lists every single day in which two or more acts of school violence happen on a single day.  The next tables list the consecutive days of school violence.  The last table will show you how many acts of school violence have happened on any day of the year.

It's Not Always About the Gun (Updated 1-1-07)

In an effort to expand my site, I added the "It's Not Always About the Gun" page just after the fifth anniversary of  the Columbine massacre.  This page offers links to help end school yard bullying, alcohol and drug use by teenagers and sexual assaults against teens by their classmates or family members.  The page is designed to bring help and support of a Survivor of an individual attack so that the Survivor can began to heal.  

School Violence Links (Updated 11-3-07)

The "School Violence Links" page provides you with what I believe are helpful links to preventing school violence and gathering more information about school violence.

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